The Jersey Blind Society is the Island's oldest charity, having been established in 1886. We are the Island's only charity solely supporting visually impaired residents, ranging from infants to the elderly.

Our headquarters, Westlea Centre, in St Martin's, hosts twice weekly lunch clubs for older clients It also has a computer training room and a meeting area which is used by support groups.

All of our staff have specialised skills ranging from Advocacy, Assistive Technology, I.T., Rehabilitation and Welfare in order to fully support people with a visual impairment. We endeavour to bring people with a visual impairment and their families together for social events, activity and to provide mutual support.

"It is our aim to support people with a visual impairment to live and work as independently as possible and to enjoy life to the full" - Conrad Coutanche, President

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EYECANJersey. Please give us a follow! We are very excited and hope you are!
JerseyBlind, 19h
Something many of us take for granted, a smile, can now be detected by people with sight loss using an app! Amazing!
JerseyBlind, Sep 09
Did you know, one of the most dangerous vehicles for someone who is visually impaired are hybrid or electric as they are so hard to hear.
JerseyBlind, Sep 08